Consistently Delicious,
Natural Beef

The Cedar River Farms Advantage

Our high-quality natural beef comes from our controlled process centered on genetics, extended days on feed, with no added hormones, and a younger harvest age. Fed forage and high-energy grain, harvested at 14-17 months, and processed at our own facilities, Cedar River Farms cattle yield flavorful, tender beef.

Natural Meat Smoked Perfectly

Superior Quality

Our meticulous planning and process results in abundantly marbled beef that is proven to be more tender, juicy, and flavorful. Cedar River Farms cattle have an average higher grade-out compared to conventional beef.

On average, >95% of Cedar River Farms grades Prime + Choice.

Consistent Eating Experiences

When careful consideration is put into the genetics, handling practices, feeding, and harvesting of cattle, the result is exceptional beef. Using this exact formula creates a predictable eating experience that keeps customers coming back.

Natural Beef Steak Tacos

Proven Flavor

To deliver on our promises, we put our beef to the test with a trained sensory panel. Our steaks outperformed those from conventional beef cattle for all sensory attributes at 14 days of age, delivering improved consistency and a better eating experience. When compared to Certified Angus Beef®, Cedar River Farms steaks were comparable or superior in all sensory attributes.

Sensory Panel Comparison

Cedar River Farms Natural Beef (choice) Certified Angus Beef® (high choice) Conventional Beef (choice)
Overall Tenderness 10.2 8.9 8.7
Juiciness 8.2 8.1 8.0
Beef Flavor 8.9 8.7 8.6
Buttery Flavor 2.9 2.3 2.1

*Evaluated on a 15-point scale with higher numbers indicating better performance; number variance is key Howard, S. T., S. Luzardo, D. R. Woerner, J. D. Tatum, and K. E. Belk. 2013. Evaluation of the Cedar River Farms Brand: A Comparison of Retail Yields and Sensory Attributes of Cuts from All-Natural Fed Holsteins and Conventional Beef-Type Cattle. Submitted to JBS USA, LLC. Center for Meat Safety and Quality, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.

A Refined Process

We continually work to improve our processes and fine tune the science that makes our beef remarkable. We’ve paved our own path and set our own standards, which means we don’t take short cuts or the easiest route. It’s because of this process that we’re able to produce premium quality beef you can only get from Cedar River Farms.

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