Build natural beef demand in your store

You already know that beef lovers are the most valuable customer in your store. It will be easy to earn their loyalty once they experience the consistent tenderness and flavor of Cedar River Farms® Natural Beef. And, with natural products becoming increasingly popular with consumers, Cedar River Farms is the perfect choice for your meat case.

Take pride in offering remarkably tender beef

Cedar River Farms comes from a purebred gene pool that guarantees consistent superiority in conformation, marbling and grading. With 85%-95% of our beef grading Prime or Choice, you’re guaranteed a positive reaction when customers discover the quality and tenderness of Cedar River Farms.

A recent Colorado State University study revealed Cedar River Farms steaks had no incidence of being rated as tough either by trained panelists or by slice shear force determination, whereas conventional beef measures tough 15-30% of the time. Not only is our beef inherently more tender, it achieves this level of satisfaction in only 14 days. Conventional beef, even after a full 21 days of age, did not measure as well.* This tenderness can only be achieved with the purebred genetics and the vegetarian feed protocol we have developed for Cedar River Farms.

Proven cutting yields result in higher profits

Colorado State University’s study determined all Cedar River Farms’ subprimals from the rib and short loin had a value advantage of $0.93 per pound compared to conventional beef cattle.

Subprimals from the Cedar River Farms’ round had a value advantage of $0.41 per pound compared to conventional beef cattle. So, you will keep more red meat in a tray and out of the grinder or trash bin, meaning more profits for your store.

*Improved sales realization based on rolling 52 week Perishables Group average from May 2013 utilized in the study.

Give your shoppers a reason to return

When it comes to an appealing meat case, we understand you want selection, richly marbled beef, predictable tray coverage, and marketing support that draws customers in. We offer a merchandising program that will entice shoppers and beef that will keep them coming back.

*Howard, S. T., S. Luzardo, D. R. Woerner, J. D. Tatum, and K. E. Belk. 2013. Evaluation of the Cedar River Farms® Brand: A Comparison of Retail Yields and Sensory Attributes of Cuts from All-Natural Fed Holsteins and Conventional Beef-Type Cattle. Submitted to JBS USA, LLC. Center for Meat Safety and Quality, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.

Maximize your marketing efforts.

Cedar River Farms works with retailers to increase the demand for beef through training and merchandising programs. Point-of-sales materials such as case dividers, rail strips, shelf talkers and brochures are available.